How your organisation can benefit from a great contractor

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Deciding to use contractors could be one of the best recruitment decisions you ever make.

Whether you need to handle an unexpected peak in demand, control bottom-line fixed people costs or access niche skills for a planned project, contractors can help your organisation to meet its obligations and achieve its goals.

There is much talk of a talent shortage right across the spectrum of technical disciplines from engineering to IT and cyber security.  However, the truth is if you know where to look you can find all of the skills and experience you need. In recent years, contracting has grown in popularity as talented individuals realise that they can embrace new challenges, enjoy richer rewards and find the work/life balance they desire by taking control of their own careers. At the same time, opportunities for working on a contract basis have grown as organisations see the benefit of being able to draw on this capable talent pool in an agile manner, without committing to fixed operational salary costs.

Here are some of the key reasons you and your business can benefit from choosing a flexible contracting resource:

Rapidly fill a short-term gap in your workforce

Every organisation experiences periods when it is over-stretched and needs a helping hand, whether it’s a new client win that puts pressure on the team, or the loss of personnel. Having ‘on tap’ access to the talent you need, via a proven and trusted recruitment partner, instils confidence in your ability to deliver against spikes in demand and other unexpected events. 

Access niche skills on-demand

Imagine you’re about to embark on a 12-month project but know that you only require a highly specialised set of skills for a relatively short period of time. It can take weeks to find the right person, causing a negative impact to the business. With contractors, short-term talent demands and associated project work can be met the next day, if need be. 

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Introduce new ideas, innovations and ways of working

Good contractors will have amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise throughout their career within many different verticals and cultures. They are savvy operators, aware that in order to make themselves more marketable, they must continually develop and refine their skills and add new strings to their bow.  As a result, they are often able to add value to their employer way over and above the demands placed upon them, in a very short period of time, in the form of new ideas. Additionally, contractors are typically industry agnostic and will approach your organisation with a fresh pair of eyes.  Embracing their expertise could allow you to unearth new approaches and better working practices that will benefit the business long after their individual’s contract has ended. 

Protect your bottom line

One of the often unsung attractions of using contractors is the empowerment to turn your cost base off and on at will. This will be music to your Financial Director’s ears and will help your case with the HR team! If you do not need to recruit permanent staff (and of course there are times when this is essential), then the contracting approach can help move recruitment costs out of the operational expenditure column and in to the capital expenditure one.

One of the concerns of using contractors is the risk. Can I trust this person to represent my organisation and brand on site with a client? What if they leave before the task is completed? How can I be sure about the quality of their work? The great thing about contractors is you can agree the terms of the contract. Therefore, you can be sure that any money you do spend is done safely in the knowledge that the scope of work you have agreed will be delivered professionally, on time and to the required standard. 

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Alleviate HR headaches

Working with a specialist company, such as ARM, can give you a big head start on recruitment, as you’ll have access to a team of specialist recruiters with extensive talent networks. They know what projects are coming to an end, who is available and when, matching your demands against available talent and supplying the best possible fit to meet your requirements. 

On a practical level, using contractors via a recruiter not only mitigates risk but it also reduces administration and ensures legislative compliance from IR35 to payroll as contractors are paid directly by the recruiter.

Finally, remember that this may be the first time that you have used a contractor, but they are seasoned professionals and have embarked on such a journey many times before. They are highly adept at being thrown in at the deep end, integrating quickly within an established team and getting the job done to the highest possible standard for you and your organisation.

If you’d like to investigate this solution in more detail, please get in touch. Our contract recruiters are more than happy to chat through the specifics and explain any concerns you might have.