ARM – Helping Junior British Trained officers

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During recent years, it has become commonplace that British trained junior seafaring officers are entering or have entered in to an ever-competitive work place.

With the cheaper cost of overseas trained seafarers effectively replacing the British trained junior seafaring work force, the most commonly asked question is – what is being done to ensure the heritage of our future maritime work force? Some attempts have been made by way  of petitions to the government and suggestion that the MCA increase its due diligence to raise the bar of CeC’s to that of the CoC standard.

From the crewing/manning aspect, speaking with our junior officers, it is clear that many have already decided to leave the maritime industry to seek employment elsewhere. This migration and unemployment will have a knock on effect on the future supply of British-trained mariners, thus damaging the heritage and prestige of such a well revered work force.

The question is simple, how can we help these men and women to find employment within their desired sectors?

With this in mind ARM has developed a new approach to face this challenge. Many have experienced sending countless CV’s with no response nor success and some companies are not even accepting applications from British trained junior seafaring officers. ARM have created an interview “Spotlight” document which consists of key information and a select series of questions specific to each department. This will give potential employers the opportunity to see at a quick glance the responses candidates give to these key interview questions, giving the candidate an extra opportunity to grab their attention and see the value in the individual rather than just another CV amongst a sea of others (pun intended).If you are a junior British trained officer we would love to hear from you and help you in your search for employment.