Security skills shortages - Time to consider contracting?

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The need for security is more important than ever as technology plays an increasingly critical part of our everyday lives.

If you’re reading this on a tablet or smart phone, what would happen if you lost your phone? Just how much of your personal data and online accounts would be vulnerable?

Both people and business spend increasing time and effort concerning themselves with data and its security; everyone wants to know that their devices and systems are resilient and are best prepared for the threat of cyber attack.

In any sector where there is strong demand for a certain skill set, it creates the need for highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals. This can be for a project or short-term time and materials delivery work, to go in and fix the problem by identifying risks or implementing an integrated solution. 

As is the normal skills cycle, a sudden upturn in the economy, such as the one we are currently experiencing, results in high demand for flexible resource. The UK’s flexible labour market is its strength, our golden egg – the government needs to protect it, as it’s a genuine USP in comparison to, for example, North America. 

Security skills that are hot property 

So, are you a security professional? Perhaps you’re a security professional thinking about contracting? I work exclusively in this space, across a range of technical disciplines, and here is a selection of what I consider to be high demand skill sets:

SOC Consultants

As more companies get behind the idea of a Security Operations Centre, Consultants, Designers and Analysts with experience in SIEM, IDS and Software Code Auditing are being headhunted and offered longer term, higher rate roles with competing companies. 

DLP Consultants and Specialists 

These professionals prevent the very public fallout that occurs when an employee leaves a company laptop, phone or portable hard drive somewhere they shouldn’t – on a train for example. Getting skilled DLP consultants on board will help mitigate this risk. 


With a new international standard, this area remains a key focus for consultants who really understand the Payment Card Industry – pay rates can fluctuate per sector for the online retailers.

Convinced contracting is for you?

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