Other paths to follow from global subsea

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I was recently reading an article on the BBC News site about the future of the renewable energy market in Scotland. After seeing a number of negative headlines, “Renewable electricity pace 'needs to quicken', Audit Scotland says” caught my eye because this is a great sign for the renewable energy sector in both Scotland and the wider UK. 

Should we be following Germany’s lead?

Renewable energy is an area where we seem to lag behind in the UK. I recently took a road trip through Germany travelling through the Rhineland, and the amount of wind turbines I saw surprised me. 

I understand turbines polarise public opinion with many seeing them as a blot on the British landscape, but when I drove through Germany I didn’t think they looked out of place. When I do see wind turbines I think it is better to have them so our children’s children can enjoy the countryside in the way we do today, without the arguably more intrusive methods used in fossil fuel extraction and fracking. 

Positive signs for the UK economy

It is a positive sign, not just for the future of renewable and green energy in this country, but for the positive economic impacts that a 5% increase in employment at renewable firms in Scotland brings. It gives us hope that we can become more balanced in the way we procure our energy and become less reliant on fossil fuels.