Ex-military personnel make their mark on the Oil & Gas industry


The Oil & Gas industry is facing a critical skills shortage and needs to find 120,000* new employees worldwide in the next 10 years. 

With this in mind, a growing number of Oil & Gas companies are turning to ex-military personnel to plug the skills gap. With the number of engineers due to leave, combined with the mass redundancies facing the UK Armed Forces, this is a perfect opportunity for those affected to use their transferable skills to enter into a number of engineering positions in a rapidly growing market. 

Skills in demand

Skills such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Logistics and Project Management are among those currently in huge demand within the industry – all of which are found in abundance within the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force. 

Ex-military personnel bring a tremendous work ethic and familiarity with offshore operations. They are disciplined, have excellent leadership skills and are used to working in fast-paced, pressured and dynamic environments. It is clear why the Oil & Gas industry is beginning to recognise them as an invaluable resource. 

Excellent benefits

What can the Oil & Gas industry offer these candidates in return? It’s simple – a huge opportunity. The Oil & Gas industry is growing, it is fast-paced and it offers excellent career development and travel opportunities. For those interested in pursuing a varied career within a high-precision environment, it is an excellent choice. 

What's next? 

With the skills shortage set to continue, I believe companies must keep looking for innovative ways of sourcing experienced staff and seek out other industries where staff have transferable skills – otherwise they risk being left behind. 

Which industries will the Oil & Gas sector set its sights on next for its future hiring needs? And how and what should companies do to ease the transition for their new hires?

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