Staffing Industry Experts Executive Forum Europe 2015

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MD of ARM Specialist Markets to speak at Staffing Industry Experts Executive Forum Europe 2015

John Dunaway MD of ARM Specialist Markets will be a panellist on the ‘Defending and improving your Margins’ debate at the Staffing Industry Executive Forum Europe at 2.30pm on Wednesday 7th October 2015.

This event forms part of the agenda at the Forum which offers sessions on new techniques and practices to be implemented in recruitment companies and discusses where to find new markets and segments to expand businesses. 

John will be joining Robert Mac Giolla Phadraig, Founder Director/CCO, Sigmar Recruitment & Social Entrepreneur and Maurizio Uboldi, Chief International Officer, Gi Group in Ballroom 2 at the Park Plaza Riverbank, London.

John will be part of the panel who will be discussing strategies and techniques in improving margins for recruitment firms employing various techniques and technology developments. The panel will be exploring strategies for increasing prices and lowering costs. 

The importance of ARM having a presence at events such as these is immeasurable in terms of being able to give the company a strategic voice across the UK and Europe, which is excellent news for its customers. John is looking forward to the forum and notes:

"This is a world class event and a privilege to be part of. ARM is on a mission to change the way the world feels about recruitment companies, and by sharing ideas and best practice, and building alliances, all our clients and candidates will be more successful.”