How the race for Tower 42 was won

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ARM in partnership with Raw Talent Academy ran an audition day this week to find recruits hungry to succeed and be part of the ARM family at its new London office in Tower 42. It has been a long journey:

  • 4 months of planning
  • 4 ARM staff
  • 7 Serocor Solutions staff
  • 6 weeks of resourcing
  • 700 applicants
  • 36 auditions
  • 22 made it to the afternoon/evening rounds
  • 8 were hired

What ARM wanted to achieve?

ARM IT decided it would serve its customers and clients more fully with an increase in its numbers and a change in philosophy. The Contract Academy was born out of this need for growth to provide a fuller, more rounded service to clients and candidates by finding the best new talent London has to offer.

How did ARM source its raw talent?

For those familiar with the Apprentice TV show, Lee McQueen won in 2008 and after working with Lord Sugar he decided to set up a business recruiting sales talent. The company is called Raw Talent Academy and ARM have been working alongside Raw for the past 10 weeks to source 36 new faces into the City to undergo an ‘audition’ day.

The Raw Talent Academy has spent 10 weeks working with the team, and six weeks resourcing to bring almost 40 people into the City for an Audition Day.

What constitutes an ARM audition?

The audition day was broken into various tasks:

  • Ice breaker where a team name was chosen
  • Telephone pitching
  • Selling a broken product
  • Elevator pitch
  • Matching CVs

In each task, three individuals (one from Raw Talent and two from ARM) scored each person against competencies before discussing the outcomes and whittling the numbers down. Those that successfully made it through the later sessions presented something they were passionate about to the panel and linked it to the role.

Damian Hicklin of ARM notes: “The disappointment of those going home after lunch made me understand just how much people wanted a job with ARM – there were tears!”

Good news and bad news...

The early evening involved ARM and Raw watching 20 presentations for four hours. During this four-hour marathon, the other members of the ARM and Serocor teams mingled with the candidates and ascertained just how much the job meant to the remaining candidates.

After a digital on-screen X-Factor like session where the team discussed the remaining candidates, the list of 20 went down to nine. John, Richard and Damian of ARM IT had the enviable task of letting the successful eight candidates know they had gained entry to one of the most prestigious recruitment training courses in London. Damian was particularly emotional when giving the life changing news: “I have to say, as clichéd as it sounds, it was emotional and with a lump in my throat I told them the good news only to see the amazing reaction – high fives, hugs, cheering, tears of joy – these eight young ambitious people REALLY wanted this job!”

And it’s goodbye from them...

The downside of the whole process was the issuing of bad news to the unsuccessful 12 who didn’t gain a place. The amazing candidates who were unsuccessful were gracious in their loss and congratulated the winners. The group had bonded and supported each other through the selection process and many of the ARM team were upset to see the unsuccessful candidates go. It was a much more emotional day than anyone expected. 

The successful candidates were treated to an evening out hosted by the ARM and Serocor teams.

What ARM learnt...?

The whole audition day brought home to the team just how much emotion is involved in this kind of process. It was an amazing and powerful experience for ARM, Serocor and most importantly the candidates. The importance of the candidate journey cannot be underestimated and the team has all grown in light of this day. Recruitment consultants make and break dreams everyday, and ARM is ever more aware of that.

On a personal note, Damian, John and Richard from ARM would like to thank the Board for its backing and the incredible collaboration and support from colleagues in Serocor Solutions.

All of the collaboration, teamwork, shared vision, support, empathy and ambition are what underpins ARM as a talent business and the new candidates will be learning to be part of this.