Flippin' NORA, we won!

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The time: 8pm. The venue: Sway, London. The event: the 16th annual Broadbean National Online Recruitment Awards – affectionately known as the NORAs.

Among the many guests and finalists, Managing Director of ARM Specialist Markets & Corporate Services, Leon Howgill and Director of Engineering, David James were flying the flag for ARM, finalists in the ‘Best large recruitment agency’ category. The shortlist of eight recruiters was fierce; we were in good company, up against some strong competition and well-known brands.

And the award goes to…

Well, you can probably guess. Why else would be writing this post? The envelope was torn open, the room fell silent and David takes up the story:

“When they called ARM as the winner we were pleasantly surprised (I genuinely was!). We received lots of congratulations from others at the awards night and a great time was had by all.”

Enhancing the candidate experience

What’s special about the NORAs is that they view recruitment agency websites from the perspective of the candidate, not industry peers. Nominations are invited – anonymously – from members of the public who have used, and been impressed by, ARM’s website. Next, a judging panel assesses the site for ‘useability’, ease of navigation, etc. That’s when the shortlist is drawn up.

To discover ourselves on that list was both a surprise and incredibly gratifying, as the whole intention of the website had been to not just improve, but enhance the candidate experience. We’ve done this by streamlining functionality and offering content which resonates with/ is valuable to our audience.

As a result, we’ve seen visits to the site increase significantly. In the last three months alone, traffic is up 64 per cent compared with the same period in 2015, which is an incredible feat.

Cementing our reputation

This isn’t the first time ARM has been involved with the NORAs. We have a long and illustrious relationship with the awards. In 2015, 2013 and 2012, we were awarded ‘Best small employer website’ – to now qualify for ‘Best large recruitment agency’ demonstrates just how much growth we’ve seen in recent years.

This latest accolade really helps cement ARM’s reputation as a major player in the field; getting our name out there and making people take notice. It also shows how we have evolved as a business. The award is a massive achievement and something which everyone can feel proud about.  

Speaking about the win, Leon said: “I’m extremely proud of the team behind the website project. When developing a new website it’s critical to get good feedback from industry – and we did!”

Who knows what next year may bring?