First week at the ARM Training Academy (boot camp) is over!

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As the first week at the ARM (boot camp) Contract Academy draws to a close the ARM training team muse on the new recruits and the gruelling processes they’ve experienced this week.

Sales Director Damian Hicklin says the new recruits are: bright, smart, eager, inquisitive and ambitious and the key quote for the week is: Once we logged them on, and fired up their VOIP phones, wow, this is like it’s all real now”. 

The recruits love working in the new Tower 42 office and have taken full opportunity to take numerous selfies with the Gherkin, Cheesegrater and Walkie Talkie buildings in the background! 

The days have been long starting at 8.30 (arriving at 8am) and finishing up most days around 6.30pm, with a short lunch break and lots of role-playing (no one even batted an eyelid at getting involved in this). In Damian’s short visits to the training he saw the penny dropping in every new recruit as they made the links between the training modules and was very impressed by them all.  

He notes:

“In my decade at ARM this is the highest calibre group I have seen in training and with the new training programme worked up by Derek and Richard, we have a lot of leading-edge learning being shared and discussed.” 

Derek Goff who has been leading the training writes about his experience of the week: 

“So, day two of the Contract Academy comes to a close, and the team are at their desks for the very first time. They are hours away from making their very first calls to candidates and are more than ready to make their presence known. We are exploring Serocor World, email and looking at Colleague for the very first time. Tomorrow is the big day, and the very first candidate update calls are scheduled for 9.30am. We have written structured introductions, designed a list of questions to qualify our candidates against, practiced our objection handling techniques and role played our calls. We were even treated to 'RBK' conducting live calls to an eagerly awaiting audience, who were looking to him to see how it should be done. 

Yesterday was interesting. The dynamic of the group unfolded minute-by-minute and it became evident that we have a group of very eager, very talented individuals who can’t wait to cut out a career in IT Contract recruitment. By late afternoon, the creative juices were flowing and a strategy was fast emerging. By lunchtime today, I felt completely confident in the entire team getting out there and making a big splash in the Technology market. 

Tomorrow is Colleague day, and making sure the data obtained from calls is recorded accurately. From there, the fun really starts, and Friday and Monday are focused on live calls in readiness for the introduction to clients next week. 

So far so good in my book. It’s a joy to be a part of the team.” 

All in all a good (if hard and tiring) week was had by all. Roll on next week!