It’s not every day that you get flown out of Gatwick to a fabulous destination by your company.

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It’s not every day that you get flown out of Gatwick to a fabulous destination by your company.

ARM prides itself in being different, different from the run of the mill recruitment partners that simply do the minimum. This extends to the way that the staff are treated. Not just by giving great support and training but also in recognising when great things are done to disrupt the norm and really champion our customers, both companies and candidates alike.

Every six months the efforts of the ARM team are analysed and judged, and whilst every member of the team gets their deserved recognition, there are always those that have seriously pushed for and achieved greater success.

For this occasion, there were eight absolutely stand out achievers; all accomplishing different and significant achievements within the business but all worthy of an all-inclusive 2 night trip to Dubrovnik. It wasn’t just the culture, food and climate on offer, they also received a Game of Thrones Walking Tour, Sea Kayaking, Wine Tasting and a Bike Tour.

So, how did Richard, Jade, Adam, Jamie, Gemma, Simon, Matthew and Robert feel when they heard they’d won?

Not surprisingly, everyone was pretty chuffed finding out they’d been recognised, as Matthew Whyley commented “…. who wouldn’t want to see a bit of the world for free!

So what did these exceptional people do to win their place on the trip? There was an award for excelling in understanding the customers’ needs and placing the highest amount of permanent placements. This award was won by Matthew Whyley, who credited consistency and hard work for this success.  Jade got her place by achieving the same for the contract side of the business. Gemma Langley gained her place by championing the 3P’s award and putting in practice ARM’s ethos of Passion, Progress and Partnership.

Post the announcement, the winners noticed a step change in those around them. Gemma’s comment summarises this “My team were very envious and excited for me and now having returned and heard how brilliant the trip was, are making a concerted effort to be eligible for a place on a trip in the future! My colleagues were thrilled I won the 3p’s aware, I’ve been here 8 years and I’m a very big advocate of working together, so it’s great to be rewarded and have the opportunity to experience a free trip abroad.”

The highlights of the trip were many fold, from sitting in the sunshine by the sea, drinking a cocktail to sending a picture of the beautiful scenery to motivate the teams back home, but Kayaking was unanimously seen as the top highlight. Dubrovnik was also clearly a big hit with the winners. Jamie summed this up nicely by saying “Dubrovnik was a picturesque location, white shores, clear seas and lush forests. The locals were friendly and the cuisine was mostly seafood and to a really high standard.” Simon was also clearly impressed when asked about the place, culture and cuisine “Awesome, awesome and awesome!” And Gemma “Totally loved the country and will definitely go back to visit. 2 days simply isn’t enough to explore, see and do in a newly visited country. The food was so tasty, cheeses, meats, we sampled 2 platters of Croatian food which was brilliant to try lots of different tastes, and nothing was left! There’s a lot of history and we only visited one area, you can easily cycle into Montenegro and even Italy is a hop across the water. Brilliant place to go, a beautiful city and will definitely be returning.”

So, it appears the trip was a success, on a great many levels. Eight awesome staff members got a  rewarded for delivering an exceptional service to their clients, their peers have become enthused about the opportunities for the next trip and our clients are reaping the rewards of having some seriously dedicated members of staff, empowered and willing to the extra mile and more.