Recruit your way: the survey so far

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As part of our ‘Jobs of the past, present and future’ campaign, we’ve been running a survey, keen to discover what you do when you’re looking for a new job and how you like to be recruited. A week in, we thought we’d share some initial results.

No one creates a new CV

We know that writing a CV is a convoluted and arduous process, but when it comes to applying for jobs or getting noticed by employers, this is a key document. Amazingly, only five per cent of respondents create a brand new CV from scratch when looking for their next role. The fact that 79 per cent (including me) simply refresh their existing CV goes to show how much we hate writing these things.

It’s all about job satisfaction

Contrary to popular belief, the most important factor when looking for a new position isn’t salary or benefits - or even flexible working. It’s job satisfaction. Almost 29 per cent of respondents cited this as their biggest consideration, compared with 15 per cent who were concerned about their earnings. Only nine per cent were worried about location and two per cent about the employer’s reputation.

To agency or not to agency?

According to the survey so far, 75 per cent of respondents have registered directly with an agency, chiefly as they have access to more, better vacancies. Those who haven’t ever used an agency chiefly apply to companies directly, though many are dissuaded by consultants who speculatively contact them with irrelevant jobs. That said, two-thirds of all respondents said they’d be happy to be contacted about a role, providing it was relevant.

Talk to me…

Overwhelmingly, the preferred method of communication is email. Ninety-one per cent chose this option. Fewer than half like to be contacted on the phone. As regards a good time to get in touch, recruiters take note: evenings after work and lunchtime are best for candidates.

Of course, we’re still running the survey and hope to receive some more insight, which we can break down and use to make the job hunting experience that much better for everyone. Have your say.