How to boss your job search: six top tips

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Are you one of the 47 per cent of people who, new research claims, is planning to change your job in the next year?

According to a report by Investors in People (IIP), almost half of us are thinking about making a change in this year – that’s a heckuva lot of CV-updating to be done – and a lot of competition to beat.  Hunting for a job can be a stressful and arduous journey, but don’t let it get you down. We’ve compiled a few ways to help you boss your job search.

1. Use the ‘C’ word

No, not that one. We’re talking about the other unutterable ‘C’ word: commitment. The key to successful job hunting is to take it seriously and dedicate a decent amount of time to the search - and you know it.

The great thing about committing to your job search is that it enables you to take control of your future. You may be unhappy in your current role, but if you’re going home and applying for roles, then you’re taking action to change the situation, and it’ll make you feel good. Go you!

2. Include search terms in your LinkedIn profile

Want to get noticed on LinkedIn, the platform which most hiring managers and recruiters scrutinise in the hunt for amazing candidates? Then incorporate relevant terms in your profile.

LinkedIn works like a search engine – input the job title or skills sought and it generates a list of potential applicants. For your profile to appear in a search, include the sorts of words and phrases that hiring managers might be looking for, which are usually the ‘essential requirements’ stated in job adverts/descriptions.  

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To further increase your visibility, ensure you activate the ‘Open to opportunities’ tag on your profile, too.

3. Outsource as much as possible

Your job search doesn’t need to be a solo effort; it’s possible to lighten the load and outsource huge chunks of it (you can guess where this is going).

Recruitment agencies work with many successful employers in your chosen sector. Often, they’re given a vacancy before it’s posted on job boards, which means you can get ahead of the crowd. Plus your consultant is usually an industry expert who know exactly what to look for, so it really does make sense to register with one or two. Submit your CV and let your consultant help your search.

4. Download the right apps to your phone

For job hunting on the go, this is a must. Then you can answer InMails during your tea break, scroll through job boards at lunchtime and even reply to recruiters on your way to a meeting – plus you’ll have less to do when you get home.

5. Be available

This one is so simple, yet makes the world of difference to your success – make sure you are available to talk to hiring managers or recruiters, so that they can inform you of that amazing opportunity. Tell them when you are available to be contacted and whether you’d prefer a call or an email, because the fact is, if you don’t respond, someone else will.

6. Be your own cheerleader

Getting a new job involves a lot of bragging, and that’s what can make some people feel so uncomfortable. We don’t all like to highlight our achievements and talk about quite simply how great we are, but that’s exactly what you need to do to secure your dream job. So learn how to be your own cheerleader.

Write a list of all your skills, your fabulous characteristics, the goals you’ve reached – essentially why you deserve that new job – and let it fill you with confidence and positivity. This will come across in interview, honest. Inwardly cheer yourself on as you write that application or walk into that interview room. You’ll be amazed the difference that optimistic mental attitude can have on your job prospects.

Job hunting isn’t easy. Many people put it off, preferring instead to remain unhappy in their current role, but don’t. Bite the bullet, use the ‘C’ word and start controlling your career this year. And if you’d like our help, then just get in touch – easy!