Common sense is king

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I’ve worked in the Cyber Security market since 1999 and typing this makes me feel older than my current 43 years.

During this time I have seen many trends come and go, but what doesn’t change is the traditional ebb and flow of jobs versus available professionals.

Post 1991-92, technology professionals fought over a smattering of jobs. In 2001, I vividly remember my business pipeline evaporating in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy and the Dot Com bubble bursting as companies released staff and stopped hiring. I have my P&L records from August 2001 through to February 2002 and it was remarkable how business turned out the lights in October 2001. When the credit crunch bit us on the proverbial back in 2008 – technically entering recession in January 2009 after two quarters of shrinkage – the same effect was felt.

Back in the present day

Today, with the British economy predicted to be the fastest growing G7 economy in 2014, we have the polar opposite effect; business is ramping up after running on bare bones for four years, but talented staff are in short supply.

This short supply may be for reasons too numerous to venture here but examples could include:

  • The loyalty displayed by current employers during the downturn needs/feels like it should be repaid.
  • Recent improvements in work, challenges and opportunities due to the upturn.
  • Package improvements – many firms are reacting to the market by moving to secure unsettled employees.
  • Simply being better the devil you know – people are moving house again and continuity of employment is critical for mortgage offers.

We need to motivate talented individuals to look up from their current role and start looking at the options available to them in this vibrant market.

A targeted approach

ARM’s recent Information Security Insights Report and Permanent Hiring Simplicity Report have found that:

Employers typically work exclusively with three to four trusted recruitment partners to fulfil the majority of their recruitment needs. Technology professionals find recruitment companies are the best way to find a job.

You can see where this is going!

What the ARM team has done is to get ahead of the market and to structure our business to support both companies looking for increasingly specialised staff and to assist talented and specialist professionals looking for jobs that tick an increasing number of boxes.

The days of generalist recruiters and job boards are arguably a thing of the past as business and technological needs become more complex and intricate.

You know it makes (common) sense

My division, ARM Cyber Security is staffed by niche recruitment professionals. Whether you are a PKI Architect, ArcSight Consultant, VMWare guru, Cloud Architect or CHECK Team Leader, my team can put together a bespoke and discreet marketing plan to help you make the right move for your career. It may be that this plan makes you realise that the grass isn’t always greener but don’t worry about that – challenge us to help you.

We know how to qualify your knowledge and how to package it to market you in the best way possible – we have market maps in your space which will ensure we get you the right career options to consider.

If you are looking for a career change, challenge us, let common sense prevail and take the path of least resistance to tap into the market. Contact my team on 02392 228 282 for a confidential chat or email today. You can also follow our LinkedIn page for the latest news and blogs.