Building Bloc: From ARM to a vibrant recruitment agency

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Almost three years ago, digital marketing recruitment agency, Bloc, took a huge leap of faith and broke away from parent brand, ARM, to become a successful business in its own right. Routinely exceeding both targets and expectations, and with a newly-promoted managing director at the helm, the brand has evolved into a highly-regarded specialist talent resourcing solution.

How it began

Bloc was developed and nurtured by ARM, operating under the name, ARM International. Gradually, under ARM’s care and guidance, it began to grow and make a name for itself, taking its first foothold in the digital marketing arena. Soon, they’d made a name for themselves. The team was based out of the same South Coast office as ARM, until it grew to such an extent, it was clear it required a brand all of its own.     

In January 2014, it launched as Bloc, to both differentiate itself as a recruiter and to convey its exclusive focus on niche recruitment for the digital world. Everyone at ARM has derived great pleasure and a sense of pride from observing Bloc’s continued success and growth – something which simultaneously enhances ARM’s own reputation as a great employer and innovative business.

Bloc has since developed into a truly vibrant and exciting recruitment agency, with managing director, Mark Channon steering its direction.

Innovative expansion

Bloc’s triumphs can be attributed in part to its Great Place to Work culture, which attracted some of the industry’s most talented individuals, and its eagerness to embrace innovation. In July, the Bloc app was launched, enabling candidates and clients to take advantage of mobile job searching.

Bloc is based in Bournemouth, a hub for digital marketers. This also means it has retained a south coast location, consistent with ARM and the other brands that form the Serocor Group.

Though located in Bournemouth, the majority of Bloc’s business is in London and Europe, with a huge proportion of jobs being filled in Munich. This has helped cement their reputation as the ‘must use’ service for niche digital marketing roles and seen Bloc attract big, cutting-edge clients and place some of the world’s most talented candidates.

Within two years, Mark and the team had moved into a larger Bournemouth premises to accommodate Bloc’s growth. Despite this, the agency maintained its measured, elite and expert service offering, provided by recruiters whose care and diligence contributed directly towards the company’s overall progression.

Year-on-year, the digital marketing recruiter has demonstrated increased performance, achieving a significant 30 per cent improvement in the past two years. H1 2016 has been Bloc’s most successful period to date.

Mark’s promotion and the future

Many factors affect whether a business is successful or not. Arguably, the biggest is its people; specifically, having a leader who inspires, encourages, enthuses and values the workforce. That’s what Bloc has in Mark.

Mark has been with Bloc since its launch in 2014 and was promoted to Managing Director in September 2016. He possesses almost 20 years of recruitment experience, having formerly worked in some bigger companies. However, there was something about Bloc. He recognised its potential and that joining the new brand as it was taken to market was a fantastic opportunity.

Mark said: “It’s lovely to achieve. I am as excited today about the company as I was three years ago”.

Mark adds that the team has laid a really firm foundation on which to build and prepare for further growth. His focus is on the future. He appreciates that the brand was nurtured by ARM, then allowed to spread its wings and fly.

 “With our ongoing support from our parent company, Serocor Holdings, we are perfectly positioned to further accelerate growth over the next 12-36 months,” he said, “with a view to doubling the size of the team over this period.”

We’ll be watching with interest and pride.