Working in close partnership to help MIRA grow its business

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Finding engineering talent in a market that is under-pressure and where skills are scarce


  • UK

Business needs:

  • Recruiting fresh talent to grow the well-respected research and development team

  • Ongoing recruitment assistance that is well-tailored and quick to match the evolving needs of the business

ARM’s impact:

  • Flexibility of recruitment assistance to meet MIRA’s needs

  • A multi-skilled technical specialist that understands the recruitment needs in detail

  • Regular contact and frequent site visits to ensure the recruitment team works in partnership with MIRA

Project history:

Since 2007 ARM has built a strong business partnership with MIRA and has achieved a great understanding of MIRA’s needs and skills required across the business. Because of this we can resource a regular flow of well-matched candidates and secure placements which are essential in supporting business growth and development. As a result, we delivered the right people who were targeted to specific areas of business.

ARM has helped the rapidly developing organisation to find fresh research and development (R&D) talent and continue its fast pace when it needed it urgently. Having met these vital demands, we continue to develop our service and support to fully meet the company’s evolving needs.

How we help MIRA:

As multi-skilled technical specialists, we recognise the ideal candidates to match MIRA’s expectations. Through successful placements and highly competent account management, we have repeatedly demonstrated our capability to source and supply high quality, high calibre candidates. This is backed up by the assurance of our regular contact and frequent site visits, ensuring MIRA gets the service it deserves and requires.

MIRA’s needs require great flexibility in our service. For example, we recently supported a project in Italy which required the engagement of a third party to contact and source local candidates. Due to the existing relationships we already had in place, we were able to facilitate these international placements easily and successfully.

The ARM solution:

Our success stems from the relationship we have built since first making contact - developing productive relationships within the business. Our Account Manager is in regular contact with MIRA’s Hiring Manager so we can understand the needs of the team and prepare for any upcoming projects.

ARM frequently receives positive feedback from MIRA on the quality of service we provide, the relationships we have developed and our ability to provide closely matched candidates.

To facilitate this, we gained a great insight into corporate goals and expectations, provided MIRA with a dedicated account manager and real-time candidate market intelligence, as well as a bespoke microsite and UK-wide candidate attraction events and support.

“Two years ago, after many years of trying, MIRA started to win engineering work from one of the major UK OEM’s. This hard won business has now built significantly to a level where we are now seen as a serious contender for such work packages across several areas of the OEM’s engineering team.

This growth has required an ever changing complex mix of skill sets to be deployed, often at short notice. In many cases the skills required were not in existence within MIRA. As a result, the recruitment of suitable candidates represented a significant ongoing challenge for the MIRA team and our recruitment agencies.

It is clear that ARM has been the best performer of our regular agencies on these targeted recruitment assignments, typically submitting the most appropriate candidates in a timely manner and generally being the most proactive in follow ups and ensuring we then secure the candidates.  I have been confident that ARM are focussed on our needs and continue to work hard for us as we continue to grow. The level of service we have received has been excellent.”

Senior Manager - MIRA