Understanding technology and business needs to deliver excellent service

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Pete Smith, Operations Manager, Leading Software Group

“Our business is built upon the right team of professionals and we rely upon ARM to deliver the best recruitment expertise to achieve this.”

"ARM is like an extension of our own team, we have a regular dialogue about our current recruitment needs and how best to address them," explains Pete, Operations Manager at a leading software and IT provider. "We have a rapidly developing and evolving set of staffing needs which reflect the dynamic nature of our business. We have a particular requirement for software testers, who need to have the experience and training to understand and fully evaluate products and systems before they go live with our customers. It’s no exaggeration that this is a key part of our business process, so building the right team is essential."

Pete has been working with the ARM team since he took on the role of Operations Manager nine years ago, but the recruitment specialist was already on the preferred supplier list before that. "Our preferred supplier list includes a couple of other national agencies, but we find ARM to be the most responsive and most reliable when it comes to finding the right talent."

Understanding the technology and business needs

With such a unique set of professional requirements, this customer needs specialist recruitment support from experts who fully understand the technology and the business drivers, to find the ideal team.  Pete elaborated, "As well as the technical expertise, our testers also have to understand the legal ramifications associated with software, not only in the UK but also in other territories where it will be used. That is quite some list of requirements for a CV and not something that just any recruiter can adequately cater for. ARM has the understanding of all these elements, which makes it the perfect recruitment partner for our needs."

The nature of software integration means the ARM team has to also understand the evolving nature of the sector, as Pete explained, "As well as developing software we also analyse software from other suppliers that will also be part of the mix -  so we have perhaps some of the most complex requirements possible for potential candidates. This encapsulates the difference with the ARM approach.  Lead by IT Account Manager Stuart Hill, ARM understands, at a granular level, our business and the requirements of our recruitment."

The right recruitment support

Pete added, "This is what makes the relationship so very successful - we have a regular peer-to-peer level of dialogue.  ARM has the network of contacts and ability to find the talent we need in a way that would be very difficult for us to achieve unaided.  It’s like having our own expert team, but with the resources, contacts and time to find exactly the people we need, exactly when we need them."

Pete and his team count upon ARM’s solidity as a business as well, as he commented, "ARM has a highly impressive continuity of staff which is very reassuring for a business such as ours. I know I can contact Stuart or one of the other members of the highly professional team and get a timely and responsive answer.  When ARM is so close to our business that is very important.  This isn’t something that is evident with all recruitment agencies and really makes the company stand out."

A growing partnership

Looking to the future, this customer will continue to rely upon ARM’s close partnership to help the business continue to grow.  Pete concluded, "Because of the fast moving nature of our business, we can generally only look from three to six months ahead. This means that our recruitment efforts have to be almost immediate and continuously alert. ARM caters for these needs very well and ensures that we have a proactive recruiter on hand whenever needed. Our business is built upon the right team of professionals and we rely upon ARM to deliver the best recruitment expertise to achieve this."