Placing permanent professionals with Lloyd’s Register

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Husseyin Hassan, Recruitment Advisor at Lloyd’s Register

“ARM has a high success rate and in 2015 we recruited seven permanent members of staff, so the process is working well for us at Lloyd’s Register and for ARM.”

Lloyd’s Register (otherwise known as LR) is a £1 billion-turnover service provider with over 9,000 employees worldwide. When Husseyin Hassan joined the company in 2013 as a Recruitment Advisor, ARM had already been working with the company since 2011. With an agency background himself he admits that he was not fond of this approach, however, his two years’ experience with ARM has challenged that view.

How has ARM helped you since joining Lloyd's Register?

ARM has really helped us with our recruitment needs, especially in the sourcing of Business Analysts and Business Architects to join us on a permanent basis at our London and Bracknell offices.

You were not keen on the agency approach, so what made you retain ARM when you joined the company?

It is true that my background of working on the agency side caused me to have reservations about working with recruitment companies, but I arrived at LR with an open mind. When I assessed the agencies the company already worked with and how successful they had been, ARM stood out as one of the very best.

Our ARM Account Manager has more than 17 years’ experience in the recruitment industry, so it is great to have access to all that experience and knowledge to help us make the right decisions, attracting and securing the services of the talent we need.

Can you explain how the recruitment process works between Lloyd's Register and ARM?

When we have a resource requirement we upload the details on to our secure online portal and ARM is emailed a notification with details about the role. Upon agreeing to undertake to fill the vacancy a face-to-face or telephone briefing is scheduled between ARM and the Hiring Manager during which time they are able to drill down to the specific skills and requirements we need for the role. Once a candidate has been found, ARM then register them via the portal and an interview is arranged.

ARM has a high success rate and in 2015 we recruited seven permanent members of staff, so the process is working well for us at Lloyd's Register and for ARM.

Would you recommend ARM to another organisation needing help to hire permanent staff?

Absolutely! We have developed a strong working relationship. They know our business, are thorough and diligent in how they work, and we can be assured that they will find the right candidates with the necessary skills, experience and qualifications to match our requirements.