10 years' contracting and building teams with ARM

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Peter Eates, IT Infrastructure Specialist

“I grabbed the opportunity to introduce the company to ARM and used their skills and expertise to build my own project team of IT infrastructure specialists.”

“Wherever I go I make it a prerequisite that I will work through ARM. I wouldn’t want to contract with any other company,” explains Peter Eates an IT infrastructure specialist who began contracting through ARM in 2006 and has since gone on to use the company to recruit more than 50 people into his own project teams. Here he shares his experience of working with ARM as both a contractor and a client.

How were you first introduced to ARM?

I began my contracting career in 2006 when I had the opportunity to take the role of Project Manager at The AA. I was responsible for looking after IT change at its head-office in Basingstoke, notably rolling out the Microsoft Windows XP operating system across the organisation. It was a recommendation from the contractors already at the company that led me to what would become a long and fruitful relationship with ARM.

You have since gone on to recruit through ARM. How have you found this experience?

I left The AA after two and a half years, when the former CIO moved to Homeserve Plc and invited me to join his team. When I arrived in Walsall I grabbed the opportunity to introduce the company to ARM and used their skills and expertise to help build my own project team of IT infrastructure specialists.

As a client what most impresses me about ARM is their appreciation that I do not have the time to plough through masses of CVs. They take the time to carefully understand my specific requirements and then they do the hard work, presenting me with a shortlist of no more than four candidates that I can be assured will match my needs.

Stuart Hill (Account Manager for IT Contract at ARM) understands that building a team isn’t just about finding people with the right skillsets and qualifications, but also the right personalities who will fit that particular organisation’s culture and working environment.

What has been your overall experience of ARM?

After leaving Homeserve I took the opportunity to join Lloyd’s Register on a permanent basis. Here I was involved in the early stages of IT design for its new head-office in Southampton, before coming full circle and returning to The AA in 2013 to integrate the AA Ireland and Group Infrastructures. I returned again at the end of 2014 to roll-out Windows 8.1.

From my very first contracting job right through to the present day the team at ARM has been nothing short of fantastic, both for me as a contractor, ensuring I am paid on time, but also serving me admirably as a client. In almost 10 years working with ARM I have only had eight weeks where I have not been contracted and that was during a particularly warm summer, so I was really rather glad of the break!