Our Approach

How we make this happen for you

Allowing us to assist you at every stage of the recruitment process will help you attract and hire the best possible talent for your organisation. That way we can work closely with you to help you deliver the best candidate experience and cement your employer brand in the minds of the talent you need for your organisation.

Our recruitment toolkit

The ARM recruitment process breaks down into roughly five stages. Here’s what you can expect when partnering with us:

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Using your employer brand to engage the right people

We work with you to clearly understand your brand values, your culture and your employee value proposition. We then define a search strategy that takes into account every aspect of modern employer branding – from social media activity and digital promotion to more traditional outreach options.

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Finding you the largest pool of the best talent

Using your employer brand as a base, we harness our extensive database and create talent pipelines that ensure that you can always keep track of promising people that could be perfect for your roles. This ensures you are conversing with talent that are engaged with you across your digital platforms.

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Identifying the best talent for the business and the team

This part of the recruitment process involves the detailed process of filtering the total number of applications received after the attraction stage. We create a shortlist of the applicants that best fit your skill set and culture. From there we partner with you to design an effective interview process, as well as scheduling interviews – either on-site or in one of our offices. From there we support you in briefing the interviewees and also provide full, objective feedback following interview.

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On-boarding talent for a seamless transition

Following the selection of the best candidate for your role, we partner with you to create the most efficient offer process for all involved, including contract negotiation. However, we also support you in setting new employees’ expectations and making their transition into your team as seamless as possible, while also helping to get everyone excited for the new opportunities that lie ahead and possible development opportunities, read more here.

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Keeping you connected with talent all year round

Regardless of the urgency of your talent needs, the team at ARM is here to support you throughout. We can pipeline active and passive talent that best suits your organisation so that when a recruitment need does arise, you have warm leads to assess straight off the bat.

Whether you are seeking permanent, contract or interim talent, our robust and proven recruitment process is geared towards finding the best possible people for you. Our passion for what we do means we never stop working to help you uncover the hidden talent vital to your success.