Vikki Bacchioni

Principal Consultant

About Vikki

I specialise in seagoing recruitment within our marine & shipping division. Typical ranks I recruit for include (but are not limited to) masters, chief officers, second officers, DPOs, marine pilots, chief engineers, second engineers, third engineers, ETOs, able seaman, motorman, deckhands and cooks. This is across a variety of vessels including tankers, ferries and offshore, to name a few. 

After my sailing career as Deck Officer, I moved into maritime recruitment back in 2012 where I have been placing great candidates into their new careers ever since.

Three words that describe my approach:

Committed, fair and caring.

Something about me

I have sailed all the oceans and have visited over 70 countries through the stormy seas and dense fog in Antarctica to the middle of the Amazon and beyond. I’ve seen first-hand, the intense navigation challenges of sailing into China surrounded by fishing boats, have taken a helicopter in Alaska to the top of a glacier where I have drunk the purest water and have circumnavigated a stratovolcano in New Zealand. People often ask me where my favourite place is and even though I have seen so much of the world, it is always the place where my family is.

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