Ryan Baker

Senior Recruitment Consultant

About Ryan

I specialise in security cleared, cyber security contractors, working through a 3rd party into defence. Candidates skills vary from junior to senior across the cyber security implementation life cycle. My key clients are technology solutions providers, consultancies and defence companies. My area of expertise is DV cleared cyber security consultants in the bottom half of the UK. I have been recruiting for over 3 years. Throughout this time I have consistently been specialising in cyber security contract and for the past 18 months specialised further into the defence market.


Three words that describe my approach:

"Unrelenting, Ambitious & Relationship focused"


Something you don’t know about me:

 Favourite place you have visited and why? – Firmi in south France because it is the visual representation of tranquillity

Favourite film? – “About Time”

Ideal dinner party guests? – Robin Williams, Nikola Tesla & Cleopatra

What’s on your bucket list? – Visit all continents, cross an ocean, fly a plane, and eat the ortolan.

Fave food? Lobster

Your most prized possession? Sailing Boat

 Hobbies? Sailing, drinking, carpentry

Fave song? Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven

What would your super power be? - Bernards watch