Ross Mackay

Junior Recruitment Consultant

About Ross

I specialise in permanent roles for the Defence and Aerospace Sector, covering Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman and the UAE.

The candidates I typically work with have an extensive background in all things defence - anything related to airborne applications, software, cyber security, surveillance and reconnaissance solutions, maritime applications, subsea systems, tactical solutions, UAV, armoured vehicles, small arms, missiles, C4I and covert equipment for militaries in the Middle East and worldwide.

I'm still fairly new to recruitment but I used to have a thing for placing HGV drivers as it happens. I'm not new to Defence though as I previously worked with a major software company who provided bespoke manufacturing solutions for the UK’s defence sector.

Three words that describe my approach

Informed, reflective, bespoke

Something about me

When I started my Marketing degree I wasn’t a great student and I don’t mean as a party-goer! In my first year I took out dozens of books on theology (amongst others) including the works of Palladius, the Philistines and the Dead Sea Scrolls, and this was how I fell in love with the Middle East!

During that time I only took out one book on marketing... I think.