Nicola Ostermann

International Account Consultant

About Nicola

I specialise in transportation and infrastructure, in particular sourcing talent for the German rail industry.

As a former actor and trained linguist I have developed a keen ability and desire to listen. In addition, I have broad experience in customer service and actively seek out new challenges. I adapt well to changing circumstances and approach situations with flexibility and an acute eye for detail.  

Working in recruitment has enabled me to utilise my communication skills, something I am passionate about. I firmly believe that work should mean more than simply earning money. A lack of career satisfaction can be incredibly frustrating, so helping others to live up to their full potential is rewarding and a great motivator.    

Three words that describe my approach:  

Collaborative, attentive and trustworthy. 

Something you don’t know about me:

I played an X-Wing pilot in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It was on set that I met my fiancé who was also part of the movie.


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