Corporate Services

PICTURE THIS: Framing ARM Corporate Services Business. A Personal introduction by Leon Howgill, Managing Director of Corporate Services

Corporate Services provides volume recruitment of highly skilled IT and engineering talent for contract and permanent roles. We’re very proud of our client list – a considerable number of the companies we work for are household names and many of them have partnered with us for their recruitment ever since we were founded twenty years ago. They’re organisations with big IT departments, defence, automotive and built environment companies that employ large teams of engineers.

I’m a career recruiter and joined ARM in 2000 after meeting Paul Huntingdon, our Chairman.  I was really impressed with the company’s offering, which was head and shoulders above the competition.

Picture this – you are an employer

You’re possibly a procurement or HR manager for a well-known company or recognised market player. Maybe you’re hiring directly into your team? You have an ongoing need to recruit into IT, engineering or commercial roles, from tens to hundreds of people at a time. The projects you need them for could run from three months to two years – and sometimes extend even longer. The work tends to be high impact, like launching a new product or service, or expanding into a new market.

You want a recruitment company that has a lot of experience in your industry and can quickly access the very best talent, however hard it is to find. You’ll want a highly professional service and a single point of contact to look after you. Your briefs can be very challenging and you’ll expect your recruiter to work hard, fast and creatively to get to the right solution.

Well, we can tell you that with ARM you get it all and more. This is why we have long term relationships with clients, many of those relationships stretching back over a decade.

We love solving complex recruitment challenges. We take pride in taking them on, getting the results clients need and seeing the difference it makes to them. We may well collaborate with our Specialists Markets team to source talent, and we often work with Optamor People Solutions, another member of the Serocor Group

What does this mean in practice? Well, we’re the company that sourced talent from places as diverse as Australia, Malaysia and South America to build one of the UK’s very first SAP-based billing systems because the skill-sets didn’t exist in the UK. We’re the recruiter that sourced 25 security cleared engineers for a leading aerospace and defence company in just four weeks. And we’re the firm that recently went to Romania to find hi-tech chassis engineers for an elite British sports car manufacturer because they couldn’t find enough close to home.

Picture this – you are thinking about your career

You’ve possibly got very specialist IT, engineering or commercial skills and you’re seriously good at what you do. You’ve had a great career so far and you want a recruitment partner that you can trust to really look after you as you progress forward. You want a recruiter that has access to excellent roles with major employers and that can get you in place quickly. You want your recruiter to invest the time to get to know you – not just about your skills and remuneration expectations, but, just as importantly, what kind of culture you thrive in.

You’re not alone. We work with  permanent and contract professionals in exactly this way every day - advising on opportunities, finding excellent new positions all over the UK and beyond, and supporting them on an ongoing basis, with career, development and compliance advice.

This is why we have worked with many IT specialists and engineers throughout their careers. And it’s why new people are regularly referred to us to see how we can help them. 

Behind the lens – how this looks on the inside

Our business is growing very quickly and the team has expanded by about a third in the last 12 months! Having the right people is absolutely vital and we often grow them from within the business rather than hire from outside; many team members have been with us for 10 plus years. This approach means that our people develop huge knowledge about the industry, our clients and candidates.

Corporate Services is structured with heads of IT and Engineering, managers that own the client relationship and teams of specialist recruiters focused on permanent or contract recruitment. 

We’re a great team, we work hard – and we know how to have fun, too.

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