3/22/2011 3:42:38 PM

ARM employee raises over £800 for Haiti Disaster

On 11th March, Dil Bhakar, ARM's Marketing Executive, flew out to Haiti to help with the essential relief work that is being carried out there. Since the earthquake (January 2010) the country has struggled to gain stability and thousands of people continue to live a life of poverty and disruption.


Dil Haiti


Dil travelled with a charity called Khalsa Aid, which stems from the Sikh religion and focuses on carrying out humanitarian work to the neediest across the globe.


ARM fully supported this project and collectively raised over £800, along with a bundle of well wishes.


The money raised went directly towards, food, clean water facilities, teacher’s fees for a number of orphanages.


Dil Haiti 2


Dil expressed gratitued to his colleagues & friends for donations in a statement made upon his return.


“I would like to personally thank ARM for all their kind donations and words of encouragement, it goes to show just how much ARM values people”.