11/18/2010 4:43:40 PM

Oil & Gas: When I grow up I want to be a....

So there I am, aged 15 and waiting to speak to the school recruitment advisor to decide on what I want to do with the rest of my life.


"Well at the moment I like science and working on computers, Miss," I offer.

"OK, have you considered medicine? Your computerised profile also suggests an IT career or a solicitor..."


Growing up on the south coast of England, nobody I knew had heard of the offshore or subsea oil industry, and as youngsters all we knew of Aberdeen was that its football team was the first Scottish side in our sticker albums!


So why aren't the amazing opportunities within the oil and subsea industries a strong consideration for school-leavers when they are planning what to do with their lives?


From hands-on roles working offshore to the designers and engineers who build the infrastructure, there is such an abundance of jobs from which to choose.


Oil and Gas Jobs


According to the Oil and Gas UK website, "You could find yourself working on multi-billion pound projects which incorporate new, cutting-edge technologies to produce a commodity required by people the world over". Some recent reports suggest that investments made in the oil and gas industry could make up for about 20% of all investments made in the UK. Quite a decent-sized sector to enter into, then.


Conversation with my clients over the past few years suggests that graduates are just not entering into the oil industry and instead are looking at “sexier” industries such as IT and aerospace.


It’s a shame because the oil industry workforce needs to be nourished by new blood yet the necessary volume of graduates doesn’t seem to be coming through. From my experience the opportunities to work in the oil industry are fantastic, with the chance to work all over the world on real cutting-edge engineering projects – and the chance to earn a really good income.


So if I was that 15 year-old waiting outside the recruitment office again, I would seriously be considering the oil industry and the different opportunities it can offer.


David James

Oil & Gas Section Manager

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