2/23/2011 3:52:38 PM

iGaming: The hunt is on for trilingual and bilingual professionals

Within the Customer service, operations and payment sector there has been a considerable increase in the number of clients looking for bilingual and trilingual candidates to fill roles such as payment analysts, fraud investigators and customer service representatives, to enable them to cover all markets with native/fluent speakers therefore providing an excellent service to their customers.



This has come about partly due to countries such as Latvia and Lithuania responding to pressures from the European Commission and introducing a local licensing systems for certain products, including online Sportsbetting and Poker.


In addition to this, the green light has been given to the Italian market for cash poker and casino games, with France close behind. (EGR)


This has led to an increase of players from all over the EU, which in turn increases the demand in services required.


EGR has stated that 2011 should be an even bigger year in new regulation, with the likes of Germany, Spain, Greece and Denmark all being regulated. As a result this is set to increase the demand for good quality games and therefore good customer service across the board.


With new regulatory markets emerging, new features of gaming and related services are now expected, including live chatrooms. Multilingual fraud, payments and customer service advisors are needed to provide an immediate first class service to its players around the world 24/7. The marketing is buzzing.


Please feel free to comment and add your thoughts as I am interested to hear your views on this topic.


Kate Real

iGaming Recruitment Consultant

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