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Fastest Growing Technology

Do you remember those early days of the internet where basic webpages appeared on the screen, one line at a time? Those days of HTML4 and painfully slow internet connections are, thankfully, a thing of the past.


Things have changed over the years with internet speeds becoming faster and the use of Flash technology making websites prettier, more interactive and more engaging. Flash has made a significant difference since the 1990s, enabling webmasters to utilise animations, videos and advanced graphics for the first time and offer customers a decent web experience.


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But Flash has its drawbacks. We’re all familiar with that annoying black hole in the middle of the page and the endless "download plug-in" prompts that test our patience and give customers the opportunity to vacate one site and view a competitor’s instead.


With the arrival of HTML5, webmasters can begin the move away from Flash, plug-in-dependant websites and take advantage of the advantages that HTML5 boasts; faster loading times, native browser support across most devices and platforms (desktop and mobile), simpler implementation of video, to name but a few. There’s no doubt that web technology is progressing faster than it has in a long time. Not all current browsers fully support the technology yet, but they soon will and one thing’s for sure, HTML5 isn’t going away.


Many companies aren't even waiting for finalisation of the HTML5 specs and have been using the unofficial early version to deliver rich-content pages to their customers.


HTML5 is proving to make a great significance to the gaming industry, with companies introducing a range of high quality games compatible with any smartphone mobile supporting the HTML5 technology. iGaming2go.com seems particularly savvy with this, offering online casino operators mobile gaming via web, smartphone or tablet devices without downloading and installing applications.


Slot Games for the iPad have also taken a leap forward, something Microgaming have taken advantage of by introducing their first games in HTML5 giving customers attractive graphical interfaces and faster loading times.


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With HTML5 on the scene, what does this mean for Flash? Although HTML5 is proving to make a significant difference so far, Flash is far more mature within the 3D gaming world; something that HTML5 is still a long way from offering.


If you are a Front End Developer looking to either kick start or enhance your career within HTML5, please get in touch with our iGaming recruitment team to discuss the opportunities we have available with our innovative client base.


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