1/21/2011 9:36:32 AM

IT Comms news: Carphone Warehouse Europe sales are up.

Carphone Warehouse Group has issued an interim statement for quarter 3 posting sales for Best Buy Europe up 3.7 percent to £1.03 billion. This is an increase from GDP 996 million the previous year.


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The growth in sales could be put largely down to there increase in smart phone sales in the post pay segment. Industry experts largely anticipated penetration of smart phones into the pre pay market would remain modest and CPW have shown a growth of 2.3 percent on this sector. Overall they have reported new connections dropped 7.1 percent.


The CPW Group now has 73 “Wireless World” stores and is remaining on target for 100 by March 2011.


Further IT Comms industry results are due over the coming weeks, with some fantastic results expected.


Excellent news for IT Communications Job seekers

With excellent results expected in the IT Comms industry as a whole, there will be an increase in requirement for IT Comms jobs within the wireless sectors. As organisations push to expand and meet expected growth the requirement for talent within the IT Comms industry shall increase, and competition between the leading organisations may become fierce to bring in the best people.


Great results from organisations within the sector ultimately equal great prospects for job seekers and employees. Adding encouragement to employees working within the communication industry!


Trend supported by current market growth at ARM

At ARM we have experienced an increasing trend of requirements for IT Comms job seekers, and an increase in applicants. It is an exciting period where the technology industry as a whole is witnessing continued growth and exposure in national press. If you’re interested in looking at some of the fantastic opportunities we have check out our IT Comms job vacancies, selecting telecommunications jobs from the industry sector list.


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