5/3/2010 8:04:41 AM

ARM launches new brand!

Welcome to our new website, our new logo, our new brand.


After 14 years of our cherished old Advanced Resource Managers brand, it’s time for a change.


As with any true re-brand, this is more than a case of mere cosmetics. It is our way of ensuring that our corporate identity is aligned with our business strategy to reflect the size of ARM as it is today and will be in the future, as well as the increased breadth and sophistication of our portfolio, developed over the years in response to challenges from our customers.


You will get the same great ARM service with an increasing drive towards efficiency, flexibility and professionalism. You’ll get the same passion for what we do, and the same preference for working collaboratively, in true partnership with our customers, so that we really understand their needs.


Our new corporate identity is simply our way of representing what we feel ARM stands for now. It coincides with an ambitious, consolidated business strategy and some exciting new additions to our portfolio that we hope will allow us to continue to delight our clients and candidates in a world that demands more flexible and creative talent management solutions.


How we arrived at our new brand image

Firstly, we were responding to a pretty widespread recognition that our old brand wasn’t reflecting the size and success of ARM any more. We heard it from clients and candidates alike, so we had to listen. That was the first step.


We didn’t want our brand to be a reflection of the prejudices of a few people shut away in a room. We are, after all, a people business. Yes, we did work with a brand consultancy (thank you, LCM) but our Marketing Department got the whole company involved in the process from the outset.


Recognising that it is our staff that deliver - indeed are - our brand, we selected 40 people from across the business to be “brand reps”. That group included recruitment consultants, resourcers, managers, receptionists, team leaders, directors, accountants and IT staff. Then we went through a process with them to determine what it is that we really deliver, day in day out, that makes us what we are, mindful always of the truism:

“Brand is what you are, not what you think you are”.


We asked them to canvass the opinions of their team mates too, and represent them in a creative session, so that the whole company had a voice in this.


We spent a full day distilling the various qualities of ARM down into three (deceptively) simple words that encapsulate what we deliver as a business. Not what we want to deliver, like the sound of delivering, or hope to deliver, but what we can put our hands on our hearts and say we give to our customers:


  • Passion
  • Partnership
  • Professionalism


These are three “three Ps” of ARM. But each of those has an effect on, and is borne out through, our communication. If there’s one thing we particularly pride ourselves on, it’s that we try our very best to keep our clients and candidates in the communication loop.


The fancy stuff: our logo design.


ARM - the new brand


So those three ARM Ps are set in a loop, each of the Ps also representing a speech mark, one for candidates, one for clients, and one for us.


We wanted our new brand to reflect the importance to us of excellent, three-way communication between our clients, our candidates and us. It also reflects the key qualities that we believe make ARM what we are: our passion, professionalism and our partnership-based approach to business. Our continuing commitment to you, our client, is simply to provide an exceptional service.


We hope our new brand not only does a better job of reflecting the size and scope of ARM now, and importance to us of our “brand promises”. But also that it will help us to increase our market exposure. We hope you like it.



Watch LCM’s Carl Lamerton presenting the ARM brand to the company in March 2010.