10/6/2010 3:55:12 PM

IT Comms news: TFL - 2012 Contactless Credit Card Adoption.

This post is as a follow up to my blog last week about contactless payments at the 2012 Games:


While TfL have shelved plans for commuters to pay for their journeys via NFC-enabled mobile phones, they are keeping a weather eye on the contactless technology in debit and credit cards instead.


As ARM reported earlier in the week NFC is a short-range technology allowing users to make payments by swiping their card or mobile phone over a reader. It is basically a much easier and quicker alternative to paying with cash.


TfL is in talks with MasterCard, Visa and American Express, aimed at letting commuters use contactless cards for travel in 2012. This isn't a replacement for the Oyster cards, but an alternative for London visitors who don't have a clue about TfL's contactless ticketing system.


Contactless mobile phone payment isn't as quick as an Oyster card, but it is a viable alternative and TfL wants to make the experience as easy as possible, with as many alternatives as possible to its users.


Damian Hicklin

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